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Visit All About Health. The website explores health with ketosis at the centre. Although they have a cookie policy (we don’t promote those) it sits at the top of the screen. Even if you do not click the agreement it doesn’t arrest your search for relief. Not sure their update/refresh rate but this website has some good gut and skin health hacks

No doubt, women, and/or at least men with a nurture-nature, are the ones that will champion this time of truth in the age of Aquarius, which we support fully.

If you mention climate change ‘Becky Tarbutton is probably not the name you are most familiar with. Extinction Rebellion would be more of a knee jerk reaction, yet this woman, before her tragic and sudden departure in 2012, created waves and changes that we are all benefitting from today.

Under her leadership, the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) achieved tremendous victories in preserving endangered rainforests and the rights of their indigenous inhabitants. Becky helped to architect the most significant agreement in the history of the organization: a landmark policy by entertainment giant, Disney, that is set to transform everything about the way the company purchases and uses paper

For optimum health, it’s essential to know the source of the issue. Here’s an animation, more than a decade old, that’s even more apparent today

The satirical spoof was critically acclaimed, yet even with references like “We swear you’ll never look at pigs the same” (Los Angeles Times), the media’s immense power hasn’t managed to thwart the growth of Factory Farming – CREAM

Inside a Soil Association organic dairy farm

“Thou shouldst eat to live; not live to eat.” – Socrates

Alfredo Bowman – Image by Brandy
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Welcome, Darrington Bowman, otherwise known as Dr. Sebi. He was arrested for advertising his natural body healing methods that he chance-discovered astray from the medical business

In 1988, he succeeded in proving, to a New York court, that he had indeed healed Cancer, HIV, Diabetes and many other ailments, with testimony from seventy of his patients–he was found not guilty of all of the New York Supreme Court charges. Sadly twenty-eight years later he was found dead in police custody in his native Honduras

Indeed, there have been many other heroes that have stood in the way of organised medicine and have been shut down, imprisoned or worse. It’s sad to think that, today in modern pathology, ‘natural medicine’ is a swear word. While we call ourselves civilised

The loss of this soul was a loss to the planet also but fortunately, although he is not with us today, there are many more who have understood the same need for the body to remain in a state of Alkalinity. They practice (or should I say exersize) many related methods in bringing the body back to this preferred state and have left many, many miles of documentation, footage and evidence; and Google has not yet censored Dr. Sebi

Dr’s appointments average 10.6 minutes. Here’s a five-minute life-changer byDr. Sebi

Within a consciousness, inside of a controlled consciousness, totally separated from the common consciousness, lives a now uncommon sense. Its essence is a constant moment of continuous waking into higher degrees of comprehension. In order to live, it has to exist outside of fear. It has to assess beyond its surroundings and it must exist without the need for esteem, credit, and adulation. It has a voice, a tiny vibration that is louder than the crowd’s.

It makes uncommon statements, it questions fifth-generation wireless connectivity and its radioactive effect on human cells. It notices a correlation with it and the very sudden decline of unhealthy humans worldwide. The unhealthy ones turn in their sleep.

The controlling consciousness provides the common consciousness with the majikal combination of two prepense words, “conspiracy” & “theory.” It creates two groups. and two-dimensional scenarios. They sleep on, it lives on, they die in their sleep. They wake into life, it dies, we live in revival, it is as it should be

Guess it’s time for the red pill. Above

Press the weapon above to download FACTS. A thorough directory of key information (with multiple case studies and links) on the vaccine controversy. Compliments of Jaclyn Dunne.

Alternatively, you can leave Fed to visit her website here or click here for lawful notice to dismiss the assumption that you must vaccinate.

This is copper coil Shungite combination. Enquire by email: admin@q-or.com

If you are interested in protecting yourself against EMFs, I would suggest clicking the pendant above to enquire about Shungite infused energy pendants

Science calls it interoceptive focus, we call it spiritual power. A Wim Hoff interview with Dr. Edith Ubuntu Chan / Leave Qor for an enlightening interview, click the leaf below

Wilhelm Reich was a star pupil of Freud’s and an outspoken anti-Nazi. He was the victim of a persistent campaign of lies and distortions, he pursued his work in 6 countries over several decades, ultimately landing in the U.S. – where he was wrongfully prosecuted and imprisoned (movie trailer below)

His weather research and his revolutionary cancer treatment studies are only to be admired. He discovered energy that he called Orgon that has been proven to draw on atmospheric energy, increasing our personal energy and ultimately our health

According to aminoacidstudies.org, amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body. They are also sources of energy, like fats and carbohydrates. However, amino acids are structurally characterised by the fact that they contain nitrogen (N), whereas fats and carbohydrates do not. Therefore, only amino acids are capable of forming tissues, organs, muscles, skin and hair.

The importance of amino acids as the precursors of enzymes and neurotransmitters is often underestimated. As such, amino acids regulate almost all of the metabolic processes in the human body, and they are essential for a healthy body.


Introducing Moringa Oleifera. It contains all nine of the amino acids that your body requires but cannot create, these include: Cystine, Histidine, Isoleucine, Leucine, Lysine, Methionine, Phenylalanine, Threonine, Tryptophan, Valine

Eat fruit and veg that’s local and in season for better helph as Vivek Mittal does a thorough job explaining

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You may have never heard of Deren Bepo and you may never since Youtube has restricted it. Please search for him as it may be of benefit to learn some rare truths about health

The Bowen technique is a healing method routed in connecting to the cells that are suspended in liquid. Since the body is sensitive, the most subtle touches influence the Extracellular Matrix (MEC), healing the body, as I have witnessed. Press the partial anatomy above to leave the QOR for more

The map above provides daily pollution levels around the UK. Press to leave the Qor and visit UK AIR. To your health

Spring in the Uk on one of the better days

Dr. Sebi recipes

Leave the Qor and venture off to Qry food blog

 Dr Milton Mills on Protein

There are some very complex issues surrounding proteins. Dr. Milton Mills covers some truths and myths about how they actually affect the body

Remember to eat colourfully. Yellows, greens, reds, purples. Make a rainbow that your organs appreciate

Dr. Steven Domenig delivers an incredible guide to alkalinity and how to achieve this with food. Leave the Qor and go to http://www.alkalinecure.com/cure to purchase

If you do happen to fall ill with the ‘c’ word and cannot get relief for love or money, it’s quite possible that this little book may be of use. Download free here

Hats off to Irina Webb for her health investigation, for you, for free. click ☝🏻

Sundar Balasubramanian shares some abstract information on the importance of breathing and its positive effect on the digestive system


If you thought you understood plants you may want to think again about who’s the boss. An eye-opening documentary

The body should remain PH balanced at around 7.4. Here is a 9-page list of alkaline-forming foods to assist with your balance; courtesy of Bioray, Inc. CA.

Click below to download the list

Commercial honey is heated and loses all its incredible benefits. This documentary will give you a new respect for honey, bees and an incredible health hack

To some, this could be a painful accident to others it means that Liam Bennet, Shen Ting acupuncture practitioner, has delivered the ancient method of healing with pins. Being considered a client or a patient means little to the energy flow. A natural facelift, seeking to raise energy levels or addressing an ailment – Shen Ting acupuncture will certainly cause sweet dreams. Qlicket below to leave the Qor and visit Shen Ting UK

Mmmm! Rocket salad, peppers, prawns, halloumi and rice

Pycnogenol – Coconut Oil – digestive enzymes and Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa). This little combination cleans and helps the blood flow, bridges the Blood-brain barrier (increased ketones memory), helps your digestive tract and, of course, Black Seed Oil is known as a natural cure-all

This creme coloured powder is called slippery elm (Ulmus rubra). Taken regularly with ginger and lemon tea, you may just heal that sensitive first brain called the intestine

After every colonic, my nutritionist would insist on taking this regularly. Ten years later, I’m inclined to agree. You can’t really get enough to balance your omega 3 requirement

Stretch fit. Yoga with Lejoy

Wing Chun anybody? An incredible way to balance your chakras, find inner peace, harmony and feel great

After enjoying a meal that I prepared for a friend and hearing his only words, “exceptional” while showing me his empty plate, I thought ‘now that’s interesting’. 

We ate in pure silence, maybe we were both trying hard to chew, for the preferred, forty times per mouth-full until it finally became second-nature. Of course, the reward would be a full distribution of nutrients throughout that complex organism we call body. I, on the other hand, thought ‘even with the careful love I placed into cooking the FODMAP friendly delight, still, I could never land a gig in even the most standard of restaurants, it suddenly dawned on me that it’s all so corporate. Times will surely change

Brian Halwiel exposes the stats on the corporate food business and the lack of nutrients within the U.S. food chain. Download below

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Image from Lahpet.

If you’re striving to learn how to eat with rythm, leave the Qor & read JoseOmedia article/press below

Sarah Itam MD. finds out the health benefits of living in Japan. Leave the Qor to visit Dr. Itam? Tap below

Bentonite Clay has been instrumental in aiding in the elimination of many intestinal parasites and bacteria. It’s been labeled an oral colonic. Press the link above to leave Qor and visit Bentonite Clay Info to learn more

Ron Finley shows how community responsibility can pay-off. You can learn more, support or emulate. Leave the Qor to visit the project’s home by tapping the Qlicket below

Although the entire egg does contain a level of acidity, can you guess which are genuine free-range?

Always check that your eggs are straight from the farm. Supermarket eggs rarely have a yolk that looks this dark. This is, as well as the taste, is a strong indicator of the chicken’s feed. The darker the yolk the better.

Click the egg below to read about the only way to successfully produce free-range eggs and also, the importance of community production in all areas of living

Free image/jpeg, Resolution: 2048×1536, File size: 318Kb, egg close-up