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Roger That! Moore.

We respect the truth as if our lives depended on it – they do, it’s just a little known fact

Ever since the Write Honourable Tehuti’s responsibility, to scribe events for the record, was plagiarised, lies became commonplace. Naturally, the planet plunged into darkness. Even the Supreme Author’s title was changed into a foreign language (Thoth, Hermes) totally changing the vibration. The record was no longer a record but a convenience for the lost.

It’s irrelevant who caused this all but only in understanding the power of words will this predicament be reversed, it will take truthful beings to do so

You may be aware, we’re now living the age of light (Yin) …I know, it doesn’t look like it but we are, it just takes a few million more of us to do the truth thing for the love vibration to square

Sed (and its host QOR) is here to nurture honesty, being loyal to only the truth

Unfortunately, it is also true that there are some organisations with sworn intentions to confuse this lovely planet by supporting arguments that pollute, poison and separate us into groups merely by exciting our emotions; but we still remain, one human family

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Reading through the material, you will find relentless exposure. If you feel you have anything to contribute that fits with what you read here please send it to us for consideration. We may be able to share it, although we can not guarantee that it will blend with our journey

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